artwork and music by Marie Lynn Speckert

camera by Tim Nowitzki

makeup and hair by Ling Yu Tai

model Nele Brand



performance and media work


The video LOBSTER showcases an eating situation where a lobster serves as the focal point. It symbolizes the upper class and highlights a disconnected realm in contrast to the absurd. The dining process is drawn out, governed by strict rules and etiquettes. An elaborately adorned woman takes center stage, dissecting the lobster—a metaphorical unveiling of constructed bodies. This portrayal questions the human inclination to analyze nature and exposes the artificiality of societal constructs. With a blend of refined aesthetics and detachment, the video prompts contemplation on societal norms, the fragility of constructs, and our intricate relationship with the natural world.


The portrayal challenges the inherent human tendency to scrutinize nature and lays bare the contrived nature of established social constructs. Through a connection of refined aesthetics and emotional detachment, the video invites contemplation on the norms that govern us, the fragility inherent in these constructs, and our intricate rapport with the natural world.

From the perspective of a sculptor and a practitioner skilled in the art of medical taxidermy, I perceive the dissection of the lobster's form as a process akin to the meticulous casting away of a mold. This methodical journey navigates the fine line between the absurd, primal instinct, and surgical precision. Swiftly, much like the dissection of a human cadaver, the lobster undergoes a systematic disassembly, each part meticulously laid bare. The lobster's exoskeleton, analogous to the closed structure of a body, is emblematic of its resilient armor. This external casing serves as a formidable shield, safeguarding against external forces and predatory threats.

Yet, this exoskeletal defense, while robust, is inherently rigid, potentially stifling the creature's growth. Consequently, creatures adorned with exoskeletons must periodically cast aside their former encasements, engaging in the process of molting or ecdysis, in order to foster expansion and renewal.


The video, in its thought-provoking narrative, confronts viewers with a multi-layered tableau encompassing traditions, societal hierarchies, and the true essence of reality. There's a clinical precision interwoven with ceremonial grandeur, a juxtaposition that is preluded by the meticulous preparations preceding the dissection. This work of art transcends mere observation, compelling introspection into the rituals we adhere to, the roles we play, and the ultimate verity that lies beyond the veneer.