03.06. – 04.06. / Mixing Plant


An interdisciplinary melting pot — a place for showing, for informal exchange, but also a testing ground, a shared workbench and a hub — the ThinkHalle is for everyone who enjoys experimentation. 

During the opening weekend, from the 3rd till the 4th of June, tech-savvy artists, creative makers and tinkerers will move into the foyer of the mixing plant and bring unique prototypes with them. Following the festival theme “Hypernatural Forces”, they will explore and develop cross-border journeys between speculation and function, technology and material, the now and the near future, in dialogue with the visitors. From real-time simulations of planetary infrastructures to birdsong, from plasma sculptures to prostheses that bridge the gap between humans and bats — the pool of ideas is well filled. Everyone is invited to participate, talk, think or even just to watch. We are looking forward to works by: Marine Lemarié and Nicolas Stephan, Leon Eckard, Fara Peluso and Kat Austen, Charlotte Triebus and many more.



Curator, Cultural Producer Alice Scope US @alicescope

Creative Direction  Michael Barth US @mycoolbarf / Alice Scope @alicescope

Writer  Michael Barth US @mycoolbarf 

Sound Designer DURA, Germany @mduraart 




Chris Collins US @chris__content 

Huntrezz Janoz US @huntrezz 

Maria Dmitrova UA @mashadmitrova 

Obso1337  UK @Obso1337  + George Stone  UK @georgejasperstone 

Wednesday Kim South Korea @wednesdaykimm

See more:

Stefan Hurtig - It Will Have Been

Stefan Hurtig: It Will Have Been.

A New Futurist Manifesto,

HD-Video, 6 min., 2020


Musik: DURA

Stimme: Elizabeth Gerdeman

Sound Mix: Sebastian Geist

Gefördert durch die KdFS

20 I 10 I 2020


26 I 10 I 2020



03 I 06 I 2021

22 I 07 I 2021


Chris Collins US @chris__content 

Huntrezz Janoz US @huntrezz 

Maria Dmitrova UA @mashadmitrova 

Obso1337  UK  + George Jasper Stone  UK @georgejasperstone 

Wednesday Kim South Korea @wednesdaykimm



Produced by Cultural Policy @culturalpolicy and Areyes Studio @studio.areyes 





Curator Alice Scope US @alicescope

Creative Director, Writer  Michael Barth US @mycoolbarf 

Creative Producer, Researcher Olha Pylypenko Germany @the.eternal_

Art Director Anton Synytsia UA @asleggo

Sound Designer DURA, Germany @mduraart 



Lead Artist, Art Director Alexander Surnin UA @alexandersurnin  

Technical Director Alexey Surnin UA @alexeysurnin_

Technical Producer, Coordinator  Ivan Pavluichenko UA @pavlyuchenkko

Development Ihor Zelinko UA @rokkoeffe

3D Artist Bubnov Alexandr UA  @l1an.alx
3D Artist Pavlo Tkachenko UA 


Poster Anton Synytsia @asleggo

09 I 08 I 2021


EIN IMPULS • Unser Ausstellungsprojekt EIN IMPULS geht in die zweite Runde! ⁣

Vom 09.08. – 15.08. könnt Ihr an den Haltestellen Rudolfplatz, Deutz/Messe und Appellhofplatz künstlerischen Interventionen im bewegten Bild begegnen. Zwischen den Bahngleisen und auf der Durchreise spiegeln die Werke eine diverse und lebendige junge Kunstszene wider. Sie setzen sich aus einzigartigen Blickwinkeln sowohl mit tagesaktuellen Ereignissen als auch ihrer Rolle als Künstler*innen und ihren jeweiligen Praktiken auseinander. Dabei kommen sie zu ganz unterschiedlichen Ergebnissen.⁣

Wir wollen die gezeigten Arbeiten als Impulse für den gemeinsamen Austausch verstehen und uns innerhalb unseres Rundgangs mit Ihnen beschäftigen. Vielleicht laufen wir ja sogar dem*der eine*n oder anderen Künstler*in über den Weg...⁣
Johanna Hartenberg & MDura⁣

•Deutz/ Messe⁣•
René Radomsky & Nikolai Meierjohann⁣

Kilian van de Water⁣

#jungekunstfreundekoeln #kunstimurbanenraum #kunstimleben

23 I 09 I 2021

GIEGLING im Walzwerk / Art Basel

Giegling im Walzwerk

23.-25. September 2021 Exhibition - "ignorance & honesty"

Vernissage at 23. September at 20:00, Open also 24. and 25. September

24. September 2021 Walzhalle

Edward LIVE
Lawrence LIVE
Leafar Legov LIVE
Map.ache LIVE
The Ghostbusters

25. September 2021 Walzwerk Hof 12:00 - 22:00

Lineup tba

During Art Basel the city is usually full of people interested in art and culture. It has been strange and challenging years for art and culture and we are very happy and thankful to find a way to make something happen again. With a retrospective of the future we are ready to erase the lines that seemed unquestionable. What does that mean? Good question... Again and again.

15 I 09 I 2021

UNMEASUREMENT - Revier Südost / Berlin



#Dust and Circus #Site specific Performance


The construction site is a place of materiality and transformation. It moves between what was, what is and what will be. Often perceived as an obstruction and a nuisance in our everyday lives, it simultaneously holds utopian potential: the idea of hopeful change and the creation of new spaces. 


In the circus and construction performance UNMEASUREMENT Road Maintenance Series, five performers explore the transitional spaces between hope and nightmare, between archaeology and civil engineering, idealising rendering construction signs and building rubble, with the necessary pinch of irony and their bodies as a yardstick. 


Building and measuring are on display. To the sounds of concrete mixers and welding equipment, Plus Ou Moins Cirques Productions briefly raptures our gaze and sharpens it for an aesthetics of the construction site. 

Attention : afterwards, the quasi unavoidable construction site parcour through Berlin could become a real joy, the construction site a performance itself...!



Performance: Julia Knaust, Franziska Pack, Marie Lynn Speckert, Dan Su, Claire Terrien

Set & Light: Claire Terrien / Marie Lynn Speckert

Collaboration musik: Caroline Tallone / Samuel Kress

Outside eye: Olivia Jenks / Frauke Niemann

Costume: Sack&Asche (Eva Hubel)

Graphic: Melanie Fischbach

Video: Blandine Casen

Production management/Communication: Frauke Niemann / Maxi Klingbeil



15 & 16 & 17 September 2021, 19:00, Revier Südost  


(Schnellerstraße 137, 12439 Berlin-Niederschöneweide, S-Schöneweide)


Free Entry

09 I 09 I 2021

GIEGLING im Pittlerwerk / Leipzig

02 I 12 I 2021

EVERYTHING HURTS by Nicolas Astorga at Bistro21 Leipzig

Everything Hurts by Nicolas Astorga at Galerie Bistro21, Leipzig


From 02.12.2021 - 27.12.2021


a collaborative artwork with MDura I Marie Lynn Speckert - 



27 I 11 I 2021

L I T T L E   P I E C E  O F

L I T T L E   P I E C E   O F   



Gruppenausstellung zum 10 jährigen Galerie Jubiläum




Soft Opening 

27. November 2021 . 11 - 18 Uhr


27. November – 5. Februar 2022


Galerie Intershop Leipzig Spinnerei

28.+29.+30. I 01 I 2022

SISTER OF ALGOLORE @Radialsystem Berlin

28. + 29.01 - 20:30 Uhr & 30.01.2022 - 17:30 Uhr @Radialsystem Berlin


What happens when alpine traditions and digital culture collide?

The performance SISTERS OF ALGOLORE by Deva Schubert is dedicated to social practices, which make community tangible and bridge distance, such as whistling, yodeling and

and dancing. In a rhythmic soundscape between alpine goaßln and algorithmic glitches, a hybrid reality is created in which past and future, nature and culture become blurred.

Three performers, a musician and an intelligent alphorn machine move through this wetland between virtual and vegetative reality, where root networks and algorithms form new patterns. In the reverberation of the alphorn the question is raised: What holds a community together?

An exercise in imagination for a non-apocalyptic, habitable future.


Concept and performance: Deva Schubert

Performance: Anja Müller and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez

Music and Performance: Marie Lynn Speckert

Alphorn programming: Hannes Hölzl

Alphorn construction: Florian Guist

Dramaturgy: Lotta Beckers

Costume: Belle Santos

Stage: Ran Chai Bar-zvi

Lighting concept: Hannah Kritten Tangsoo

Choreographic assistance: Bernardo de Almeida

Video: Maximilian Wigger

Photo: Philipp Weinrich

Production: Wiebke Wesselmann

29 I 04 I 2022


XX. JUBILÄUM MEDIZINER & MALEREI 1988-2022 // Universitätsklinikum Leipzig

Sim-biotic - ARSENALE VENICE with Alessa Brossmer


W A T E R in Venice - with Alessa Brossmer @alessa_jm_brossmer (video), mastered by Enrico Mercaldi.


Sim-biotic is the first of two exhibitions curated by artist @celynbricker with RGRT. Sim-biotic brings together a diverse range of artists from across the world, and explores both our “symbiotic” relationship with nature as well as with simulated, virtual environments.

The deliberately geographically diverse choice of artists for Sim-biotic reflects the shifting consensus that globally we need to move into a more ‘symbiotic’ relationship with the natural world, rather than an exploitative or extractive one. Artists have their role to play in the discussion, but to achieve a true symbiosis -  rather than simply a simulacrum of one - people from all walks of life, and in all industries, will have to readjust their relationship to nature.


With permission of @vatnajokull_national_park


Venice Arsenale

Thetis S.p.A. - LAMOERINI 2

La Tesa 105 - CAPANNONE 106


horsetails (Pferdeschwänze) - Release Party Teresa Mayr + Konzert @Haus Kunst Mitte

horsetails (Pferdeschwänze)


→ Livepräsentation von Buch und Bleistift-Zeichnungen von Teresa Mayr 

Der Fantôme Verlag freut sich sehr auf die Präsentation des limitierten Zeichnungsbuches horsetails (Pferdeschwänze) von Teresa Mayr.


Am Sonntag, den 24. Juli 2022 von 16.00 – 18.00 Uhr laden wir gemeinsam mit der Künstlerin zur feierlichen Release-Party im Haus Kunst Mitte, Heidestraße 54, 10557 Berlin ein. Präsentiert werden Zeichnungen aus der special horsetails edition und Live-Musik von Marie Lynn Speckert (Soundart) und Antonia Ravens (Harfe).


An diesem Tag ist auch der letzte Tag der Ausstellung "STARKES DUO", bei der Arbeiten von acht international renommierten Kunstprofessorinnen - Tina Bara, Monica Bonvicini, Valérie Favre, Friederike Feldmann, Karin Sander, Corinne Wasmuht, Ina Weber und Jorinde Voigt - gemeinsam mit ihren Meisterschülerinnen im Fokus stehen.

Bild/Grafik by Teresa Mayr

There will be WATER (and probably even more drinks) this weekend at Bæjarhátíð í Búðardal, Miðbraut 15 (former bank house), Búðardalur, Iceland.


Additionally, you can try some delicious cheese from the region while watching the short art movie on Saturday and Sunday, 14.00 - 17.00. Velkomin!


W A T E R - artwork by Alessa Brossmer and Marie Lynn Speckert 


W A T E R @Bæjarhátíð í Búðardal - Iceland



How do we convey popular traditions in a hyper-technological future? Will we communicate with software-controlled alpine horns? How will we keep our communities together? Sisters of Algolore explore a reality in which the boundaries between tradition and technology, between virtuality and nature become fluid. In this non-apocalyptic world, three dancers, a musician and an Alpine horn with mechanical intelligence go in search of a community. The Knock on Wood sound installation by Hannes Hoelzl also reflects on high technology and tradition. Together with MiCROTEC he has developed a robotic xylophone from the components in a Viscan acoustic wood scanner: a hybrid between a classical musical instrument and an industrial automaton.

Deva Schubert, Concept and Performance

Hannes Hoelzl, Sound artist

Lotta Beckers, Juan Felipe, Amaya Gonzalez, Bernardo de Almeida - Performance
Marie Lynn Speckert, Music
Hannes Hölzl, Alphorn programming
Florian Guist, Alphorn construction
Lotta Beckers, Dramaturgy
Belle Santos, Costume
Ran Chai Bar-zvi, Stage
Hannah Kritten Tangsoo, Lighting design
Bernardo de Almeida, Choreographic assistance
Maximilian Wigger, Video
Philipp Weinrich, Photo
Wiebke Wesselmann, Production





Saturday 17 September 14:00 - Sunday 18 December 19:00, 

Sølvberget, Stavanger. 

Emilia Tikka: AEON & EUDAIMONIA (installations with photography, film and objects)

Ruth Gilmour: Nurturing manoeuvres (textile artwork)

Kathrine Evelid: Tjenersnakk (videowork)

Åsa Båve: Caring with Force (video installation)

Kaisu Koski: HUG: artificial empathy (installation)

Jacob Remin: All watched over by machines by loving grace (performance concert and visual matrix)

Kari Telstad Sundet: Memory Space Traveller (audiovisual installation)

Marie Lynn Speckert: Scalptomorpha (installation)


Sølvberget Gallery, the exhibition space, is open to the public during fixed hours, with access for wheelchairs, prams and other motion technologies. The exhibition is free of charge.

The exhibition is a part of the research project Caring Futures: developing care ethics for technology-mediated care practices, funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN). This project revisits care ethics at a time of changing health, care and welfare policies, services and practices.







in aller beute - @HaL Haus am Lützowplatz, Studio Galerie, Berlin

'aller Beute Spuren‘

Malerei Zeichnung Objekte Sound


Julia Miorin    Una H. Moehrke  

Luise von Rohden   Jochen Schneider   Marie Lynn Speckert

_ich sehe etwas Zirkuläres in diesem Titel

_dass nicht immer eindeutig ist, wie die Beute zustande kommt 

_spontan assoziiere ich Chaos ... aber auch Geheimnis. Eine Beute ist ja immer

  etwas Ergattertes, vielleicht etwas, um das man sich besonders bemüht.r_Spuren sind Abdrücke, Eindrücke. Sie machen Dinge und Prozesse sichtbar

_unsere Arbeiten sind nicht auf den Titel angelegt

_es gibt Annäherungen, die einen Zusammenhang erzeugen

_seht ihr zwischen unseren verschiedenen Arbeiten, Medien und Themen einen

  inneren Diskurs? 

_Zerlegen und Zusammenfügen … einzelne Komponenten, die durch Überlappung,

  Schichtung, Ansammlung etwas Neues ergeben


(Auszüge aus dem Ausstellungs-Chat)


In den Räumen der Studiogalerie treffen die Medien Sound, Malerei, Objekt, Installation und Zeichnung aufeinander und entzünden dialogische Strukturen, sanft und radikal, zusammenhanglos und strukturverwandt.

Marie Lynn Speckerts Szenerien und Sound-Installationen provozieren die abstrakten und stark reduzierten Bilder von Una H.  Moehrke. Luise von Rohdens präzise Tuschearbeiten kommunizieren mit Objekten von Julia Miorin, die Dinge des Alltags aus ihrer Funktionalität herauslösen und damit ihr ästhetisches Potential freilegen. Der aufmerksame Blick für die unmittelbare Umgebung und Alltagswelt verdichtet sich auch in den Graphitzeichnungen von Jochen Schneider.

„loose ends“ | Künstlerhaus Sootbörn


Alessa Brossmer · Emanuel Mathias · Mara Sandrock · Marie Lynn Speckert · Viktor Petrov



03.03.2023 – 18:00 – 21:00

Opening hours:

04.03 – 05.03.2023 - 15:00 – 18:00 18.03 – 19.03.2023 - 15:00 – 18:00

The exhibiton „loose ends“ showcases various aspects of artistic research. The works in the show include installations, sculptures, archive collections, and material experiments that utilize interdisciplinary research methods in the fields of medicine, glaciology, material sciences, and anthropology.

The title „loose ends“ refers to the open ends that arise in any creative process and the attempt of bringing those together. However, it also points to the intermediate state in which the researching artists are cons- tantly moving: The five artists describe their work as a process that they constantly scrutinize, reassess, and adjust, while oscillating between scientific studies and their artistic interpretations. Thus the exhibition seeks to involve the viewer in the search of non-hegemonic forms of knowledge, that emerge inbetween science and art.



Location: Künstlerhaus Sootbörn
Sootbörn 22 / 22453 Hamburg
Website: Contact:


©2023 Foto: Emanuel Mathias